Day 302—Slamson And Friends

Let me just start by saying that I am NOT a basketball fan. But, I had a great time at the Sacramento King’s Rhythm and Rims event today. I was there as Foxtrot Mary’s photographer. Foxtrot Mary played in the V.I.P. tent and there were lots of V.I.P.s who I didn’t recognize and lots of Sacramento Kings who I didn’t recognize, either. I did notice that they were very, very tall. Things really picked up when the mascots appeared. I don’t know why there were so many masscots there; there wasn’t a game tonight but Slamson the Lion, the King’s mascot, Harry the Hawk from Atlanta, Jazz Bear from Utah, and Rocky the Mountain Lion from Denver all appeared at the event and they created quite a stir when they made their way into the tent. They really made it fun and drew the crowd down to where the band was playing as they danced and frolicked with the audience and played air guitar with the Tim Brisson. Slamson even massaged Michael St. John’s shoulders so he could continue crooning.

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