Day 296—Tornado Warning

The National Weather Service announced a tornado warning in Placer County late this afternoon, while we were winding up the day at Famous Mo’s. When we walked outside a flash of lightening illuminated the clouds but I didn’t have my camera at the ready. Three of us stopped off for a glass of wine before going home and I took this photo a few minutes before the tornado warning expired just before 7PM. The sky was actually clearing in the west where I faced and the storm was heading east into the foothills ready to dump snow on the Sierras. Amazingly, today’s Flickr theme is “danger” and I had planned to feature a dangerous looking (and probably actually dangerous) table saw blade without a safety shield, the kind that contractors tend to use to get the job done faster, but, when I saw the storm clouds, and related them to the potential danger of a tornado (I thought California had earthquakes, not tornadoes) I thought this angry sky made a better subject.