Day 275—Relaxing Mood

I just returned from an eye appointment and my eyes are dilated so I everything is overly bright. I decided to see what I could see through my camera lens with my eyes in this condition. As expected, everything is just as bright through the lens and I’m not sure I’m able to see well enough to focus. But, what the heck. I’ll try anything. As I wandered in the backyard, the soothing, gurgling sounds of the fountain caught my attention. When I framed this shot of the fountain with the gone-to-seed lavender stalks in the foreground, it occurred to me that since today’s Flickr challenge theme is “relax” this shot meets that challenge. And, since I can’t trust my eyesight right now, I didn’t tweak the shot at all in Lightroom so it is straight out of the camera.

ISO 200
WB: Fine Weather