Day 244—Dip-de-dip-de-dip

And now, it’s less than an hour before the real blue moon reaches its peak of fullness. When I came downstairs this morning, my tripod was still standing by the front door where I left it last night and when I opened the door to get the newspaper, I couldn’t resist peeking out to see the moon’s progress. It was setting in the west and I knew that it wouldn’t still be there at 6:59 AM so I put down the newspaper, picked up my camera and tripod and marched out to the driveway for a few more shots. The redwood trees obscured part of the moon’s face as I snapped but I think it adds a little interest to the subject. The moon has turned (I suppose it’s on an axis) since I took the last shot I posted last night.

The camera is still set to DX mode, I used the sunny 16 settings but in post processing, I increased the exposure by 1 and 1/4 stops and added a bit of clarity.

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