Day 241—Chain, Chain, Chain

I didn’t see a chain of fools but I did see a rusty chain around a rustier construction dumpster and I liked the earthy, worn metal look, especially since today’s challenge theme is “metal.” I added some contrast, increased the blacks a bit, and added a vignette. I took the shot at midday so the sun was at its peak creating crisp shadows but, the harsh light accentuated the rusted, eroded metal making the flaws even more apparent and that was the look I wanted. Ever since taking this photo, I can’t seem to get the sound of Aretha Franklin singing “Chain of Fools” out of my head. “Chain, chain, chain….”

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 100
WB Fine Weather
Cropped, etc.

One thought on “Day 241—Chain, Chain, Chain

  1. Ooooh great shot! Love the rusty crustiness! The composition is excellent- and now you have made that song start going through MY head!

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