Day 237—Balloons

I gotta hand it to my gym for providing me with seemingly endless photo ops. This morning as I walked in, a bouquet of colorful balloons being used to mark the entrance to a job fair also being held there this morning, caught my eye so before I even started my workout today, I had taken my photos for the day.

I shot into the morning sun because I thought that made the most interesting light and it created nice shadows and reflections. I used Scott Kelby’s 7-point Camera Raw system except no “adjustment brush” and I added a vignette to the first one. I think I’m beginning to like the modest adjustments I’m making to my RAW photos and I’m beginning to realize that I really need to do something to make them better. So, I’m thinking that the SOOC label that I used so smugly for a year and a half really wasn’t showing my best work and that if I’d shot in JPEG instead of RAW, my photos would have looked better SOOC. I also cropped both shots, the second one in the wide screen 9:16 ratio. I haven’t tried Scott’s wide screen ratio, 1:2.39. Maybe tomorrow.

I used my 50mm lens set at ISO 100, f/4.5, 1/1250, WB Fine Weather

One thought on “Day 237—Balloons

  1. WOW! Beautifully clear and vibrant photos! Absolutely stunning!!! Gorgeous color! And I’m proud of your Lightroom skills (and I’m sure Scott would be too- I saw him on TV tonight photographing the game in Tampa). Beautifully shot and edited!

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