Day 232—The Real Me

Anyone who knows me knows that I laugh all the time. I can almost always find something funny in just about any situation and I laugh at myself most of all. Taking today’s photo made me laugh. And I needed that today. I have been so focused lately on taking photos for others that I really needed a break from serious photography and today’s challenge was the perfect, silly subject for me to photograph.

The theme today is “starts with ‘N'” and for some reason, “nose” stuck in my mind. Since I have a trio of fake noses, it seemed the perfect subject for the theme. But I struggled with focus on a multiple exposure, me being the nose model. My stuffed, mechanical macaw served as my focus model but he failed me today. For some reason it didn’t bother me that my focus wasn’t perfect. I started to giggle when I saw my first results, out of focus but funny as hell, to me anyway, so I perservered. I never could achieve focus on all three for some reason but then I didn’t really try too hard. I really started laughing when I remembered that another recent Flickr challenge for which I hadn’t yet submitted a photo was “your personality.” Since I tend to look at the lighter side of life, taking this photo seemed like a ridiculous but amusing thing to do. So, along with the “starts with ‘n'” theme, today’s photo shoot seems to fit the personality challenge, too. It is a little horrifying to me that I look a bit like the wrinkly character in the old Dick Tracy comics (Pruneface?) but even that is funny to me.

Focal Length 60mm
ISO 200
Flash (-.7) I used the on camera flash (!) for this photo.
WB Fine Weather
Exposure -2/3 stop; cropped

2 thoughts on “Day 232—The Real Me

    Hilarious! I can’t decide who you look like in the left one – Geraldo Rivera? Karl Malden? Gene Shalit? The middle one? Carson Kressley!!! The right?? Ummmmm- Bozo? You are soooo funny! And I’m sure your sense of humor is what drew me to you to begin with! I can’t stop laughing!

  2. Ha ha ha!!! You made me laugh even more. Thanks. Karl Malden? But I guess you’re right! It is the nose after all. Gene Shallit and Geraldo are just the mustaches!

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