Day 332—I Am . . . A Bird Lover

That should come as no surprise to my friends and family. Today’s challenge is “I am . . .[fill in the blank]” and these days, besides photographer, I think ‘bird lover’ best describes me. I live with an Amazon parrot, I seek out birds to photograph wherever I am, and I volunteer for a raptor rescue organization, not only as a photographer and newsletter editor, but as a rescuer. Late this afternoon, I got a call to pick up an injured ‘barn owl’ which turned out to be a screech owl. This little guy was already in a box when I arrived so there was really no rescuing involved, just transporting. But it’s part of the volunteer experience and it’s always exhilarating for me to try to get help for these injured creatures. He was napping peacefully in his box when I arrived and seems to have an injured eye but no other major injuries. I took a few photos of him in his box, not the best vantage point for a photo but I didn’t want to disturb him. He was lifting his foot to scratch his chin when I took this photo. Then I put him in my car and drove him to the clinic for help.

Focal Length 62mm
ISO 2000

One thought on “Day 332—I Am . . . A Bird Lover

  1. Yes, you are! And how great that your love of birds and photography “dovetail ” so beautifully (pun intended!)! Wonderful response to the challenge- beautifully captured! Love the details in the feathers- fantastic!

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