Day 316—C is for Carol

For today’s challenge, I had to find something that depicts my first initial. I loved this challenge for several reasons, but most importantly, because I got to try out my new lens upon which I splurged this morning. I wanted a fast lens that I can use indoors and Nikon describes its AF NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8D telephoto lens as “superb for indoor close-range sports, theatre and portraits.” Today’s challenge didn’t require a fast lens and I was not indoors when I found the initial “C” as a tendril protruding from the hardenbergia clinging to my front fence. The lens was wide open and it lived up to the gushing reviews I read earlier today about the spectacular bokeh the lens produces. I thought my next lens was going to be a macro lens but that will have to wait. I used manual focus because the auto focus kept trying to focus everywhere but on the thin tendril.

Focal Length 85mm
ISO 100