Day 331 Part 2—The Eagle Has Landed

I was talking to a friend about the eagle I photographed Sunday on Lake Shasta and told him he had to go to Facebook to see the photos because I hadn’t posted them on my blog. I woke up this morning (Wednesday, Nov. 30) and realized that finding an eagle on Lake Shasta has been my quest for years. It is beyond me why I didn’t post those pictures on this blog then. So, three days late (although I backdated the post) here they are.

On Sunday, my eagle spotter was Don, a friend who is Nez Perce and, it turns out, a great eagle spotter. We saw juveniles and adults (I argued with him about the identity of the juvenile briefly, but that was before I knew he was Nez Perce and had lived on the reservation in Idaho for a few years as a child—of course he knows what an eagle looks like). I had to contend with a bobbing boat and distance but these were the best of the many I took before the eagle took flight. I cropped them and added a curves adjustment. The last is very out of focus as the eagle took flight.