Day 306—Just Flyin’ By

While waiting at the car wash this afternoon (I know it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and until today I have always washed my car myself but I felt today’s situation required professional intervention [car covered with granite grit after a park maintenance worker blew decomposed granite on all the cars in the parking lot at the gym this morning] and besides, I just didn’t feel like washing the car today) I aimed my camera out to Madison Avenue and snapped away with a slow shutter speed.

It is fascinating to me that photographing a moving car with a slow shutter speed results in what appears to be a flying car; the wheels disappear. Here are two cars and a school bus flying along the street. It was a little overexposed despite the low ISO and small aperture but I should have used a smaller aperture so I had to do a little tweaking. And I did it in Aperture, not Photoshop. I’m not too comfortable with Photoshop yet; the class is teaching glitzy things so far, (rainbow sheep and leaves) but not how to improve the appearance of a standard photograph. I presume that will come, or I will manage to figure it out on my own.