Day 320—Forked Tongue

And I thought only snakes has forked tongues. Today’s challenge is wildlife. My photo today is of an Anna’s hummingbird in the midst of preening himself after filling up at the feeder. Close inspection will reveal that his tongue is forked. Click on the photo and then click again to enlarge it. At first I thought the photo was blurred but after I did a quick Google search, I discovered that indeed hummingbirds have forked tongues, which helps them suck up nectar. Well, maybe the tongue is a little blurry but I think that’s from its movement not my camera shaking.

I found him perched on a photinia twig after skulking around the yard following his squeaks. I thought the feeder shots I took made the hummingbird appear less wildlife-like so I was happy to find him sitting in the midst of a tiny shaft of sunlight enthusiastically preening his wings.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 100

One thought on “Day 320—Forked Tongue

  1. Ohhh sweet hummingbird photo! I love the light and the “pose”. Really nice shot! I am weeding through over 500 photos from today (all cr*p from this morning)- now we’ll see if any of my duck photos from tonight are salvageable! Love your hummer!

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