Day 223-First iPad Post?

I have considered putting In Focus Daily on hiatus while I travel to Italy in September. Today I am giving my iPad another shot to see if I can successfully post to my blog just using the iPad (and my camera, of course). For some reason I couldn’t make it work right in my trials before visiting the Pacific Northwest in June so I gave up and took my laptop instead of the iPad. Let’s see if I can do this!

Today’s photo is a grove of valley oak trees on Fiddyment Road in Roseville near my house. I took about a twenty shots and have successfully downloaded a select few to my iPad. I was able to view the photos on the iPad and select one for my blog.

I seem to have figured out how to write my post. Now let’s see if I can upload the photo to the post.


Well I obviously don’t have it figured out yet. I can see the photos on my iPad in large, clear format. It uploads to WordPress as a Thumbnail and when enlarged it is pixilated. Aarrgghhh!!!! I thought I had it figured out. I’m not giving up yet.


Well it seems to be the camera import. I took the wine picture on my iPad. Does this mean I have to run all over Italy with my iPad instead of my Nikon?

2 thoughts on “Day 223-First iPad Post?

  1. Yay, success- sort of! The photo is pretty small! Maybe there is a way to post to Flickr in a bigger size and link from the blog???

    1. I’m not giving up. There’s got to be a way to post a normal size photo. I think it may be a problem in the upload from the camera because WordPress is set to use a large photo but the size shows as 120×140 or something. Not good

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