Day 223 Success!

Wow! I posted my dilemma at Apple’s support community for iPad and someone who uses a Nikon D5100 and shoots RAW + JPEG thought the problem was that I shoot RAW; I changed the setting from RAW to RAW + JPEG, took a photo of the closest thing (the iPad Camera Connection Kit box) and uploaded it to the iPad; that was the problem. The photo uploaded correctly to the iPad. If I just shot JPEG, I would have had no problem but I want to shoot RAW so I’m going to have to modify my settings for Italy and, of course, get some extra memory cards because that setting uses twice as much memory. Oy Vey!!


Here is the photo of the oak grove that I uploaded to my iPad. I can’t change the photo on the iPad because it was photographed using RAW but I also uploaded it to my computer. It’s nothing great but it’s my photo of the day:

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100

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