Day 236—Bench

Since I started my 365 photo project, my friends have become used to me shouting out things like, “pull over, I want to take a picture of that inflatable gorilla,” or “oh, look, the water’s almost over the banks of the creek, I need to take a picture of that,” or “I’ll catch up with you as soon as I take a picture of this dandelion.” They’ve all been very understanding and very cooperative, often even suggesting photo opportunities for me.

This morning, when I raced past some friends talking at the front desk at the gym, dropped my stuff, and ran by them again with my camera declaring, “I’ve got to go out and take my photo of the day,” no one batted an eyelash. But I may be pushing the tolerance some friends have for my enthusiasm for photography. When I came back inside a few minutes later they were curious about what had caught my attention that required me to dash out the door to capture an image before it got away. The expressions of obvious incredulity, and yes, disappointment, on their faces when I showed them the photo of the empty bench outside the gym door, were painfully apparent. They were unimpressed with my efforts. “You mean you rushed outside like a bat out of hell to take a picture of an inanimate object?” I started to explain about the angle of light and shadows but thought better of it.

When I got home and looked at the 6 photos I took of the bench at various focal lengths, I, too, was unimpressed. But after cropping and changing from color to sepia tone, I decided I liked the result.

Focal Length 62mm
ISO 100
Cropped/sepia and vignette added