Day 229—The Early Bird (So To Speak) Gets the Worm

It was mid afternoon (not exactly early) when I encountered this brown leghorn outside my dentist’s office in Fair Oaks. My post for Day 178 (June 27, 2011) also features a brown leghorn that I photographed outside the Folsom Zoo, but then I didn’t know what kind of chicken it was. Thanks to Murray McMurray Hatchery’s on-line presence, I now know what it is.

I was climbing into my car when I noticed this guy strutting around the lawn next to the parking area. Fair Oaks is famous for its local chicken population which is protected and free to roam. My husband used to entertain himself while waiting for me to emerge from my dental appointments by feeding and hypnotizing the chickens that approached him. He knew poultry and on more than one occasion I came out to find a chicken in a trance standing in front of him. Today when I saw this rooster rooting through the grass, I grabbed my camera and started shooting. This photo was underexposed because I’d set the camera for a sunnier spot but he moved to the shade. I applied curves to adjust the exposure.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 250
Curves applied