Day 208—Reemergence

My friend Henry came over yesterday and cleaned the weeds and debris out of my side yard. It was his idea. When he was looking after my house during a recent trip, he noticed the jungle of weeds and overgrown plants, piles of broken and unused flowerpots, and the general messiness of the area that was detracting from the rest of my marginally attractive yard. By the time I arrived home from the gym, he had transformed the area and by the time he left at noon, several ferns I planted 20 years ago and had actually forgotten, had reemerged. They seem to be thriving.

I had to tweak this photo a bit. I had planned to use the tripod and a long exposure but my regular gardener arrived and I retreated into my house after taking only a few hand held shots. By the time he left, the light had changed and the photos with longer exposures and higher apertures were not as good as the few I took earlier.

Focal Length 130mm
ISO 100
Curves and Levels