Day 183—My Car Gets a Bath and Dinner

This morning I washed my car inside and out and this afternoon I went to Costco at 5 o’clock for gas. Surprisingly, there were no lines to wait in and gas was $3.55 a gallon. I never thought I’d get excited about gas prices in excess of $3.50 per gallon. Boy, do we get indoctrinated fast.

While the gas was pumping I thought I’d take a photo; the attendant came over and offered to take a photo of me pumping gas. I declined and explained about my blog. He waxed ecstatic over my camera and I told him I got it at Costco, where else! While I put my camera back in the car, he removed the pump and closed the gas cap. What a nice guy and what great service! He’s reflected in the clean car’s flank just above the nozzle.

Focal Length 32mm
ISO 100