Day 200—Field of Sunflowers

There was an article in the Bee the other day about the Sacramento Valley being the center of the world’s sunflower seed production and this afternoon when I found myself heading toward Woodland, I decided to turn onto a side road and find a field of sunflowers. The sign said “no trespassing” and there was no one around to ask, so I decided to take my photos from the side of the road. The only trouble is that now that they are mature, regardless of where the sun is, the sunflowers are all facing east and I was on the west side of the field, so all I got was a lot of green and hints of yellow petals. The photo I chose features the bee hives that were brought in to pollinate the flowers. The Bee article is interesting and includes a slide show of sunflower photos actually showing flower heads! To read the article and view the photos, click here.

Sunny 16
Focal Length 98mm
ISO 200