Day 193—A Fortnight

Just give me two weeks. I need two weeks, a fortnight, to get my act together. I have been screwing up so badly on exposure and peripheral settings that I need to go back to some of the basics. The primary thing I need to do is make sure I reset everything after every photo session. When I bought my camera, I also bought an iPhone App for the Nikon D90 written by Ken Rockwell. He resets everything every time he uses his camera. When I first read that advice a year ago, my camera was so new and so daunting to me that I could not imagine ever being able to remember the basic commands let alone being able to reset anything. After a year, I am familiar enough with the camera that I can make setting adjustments by feel without looking. It is time that I at least make resetting a daily ritual, if not every time I use the camera, so that I don’t get so many disappointing results due to settings I’ve forgotten I changed. I am also going to return to using Aperture and Shutter priority settings for a while. I am comfortable with manual settings and using the camera’s built-in light meter but I don’t always get the kind of results I see when I use Aperture or Shutter priority. So, back to basics.

My photo today is of a fortnight lily that was next to my car at the gym this morning. It will be my symbol for getting my act together in two weeks. They bloom in two week spurts, hence the name, and today they’re starting to explode into bloom again. When I saw them this morning, I took a couple of shots using manual settings but they were either over or underexposed. That’s when I decided to try Aperture priority and I got lots of usable results and at shutter speeds I would not have thought to use.

Focal Length 130mm
ISO 200