Day 203—Psychedelic

I was feeling pretty mellow (yellow) this afternoon after having a massage and celebrating a friend’s birthday with two margaritas. Luckily for me, the second margarita was served at the start of happy hour so not only was it half price, it had only half as much tequila and twice as much ice so it was pretty watery and had little effect on my driving. As I drove home, I decided to meander through Penryn and Loomis in search of an interesting photograph and found myself on Sierra College Boulevard. I followed another road off Sierra College and came to a concrete train trestle which reduced the roadway to one lane so I pulled over and took a few photos of it. I heard a roaring and felt vibration as a freight train rumbled slowly into view and over the bridge. The colorfully graffitied cars were an interesting contrast to the green and gold of the landscape. At first I thought the photo was a bit too underexposed, but I decided I liked the vibrant blue of the sky and the psychedelic look of the graffiti so I didn’t adjust anything.

FocalLength 27mm
ISO 200