Day 105—Goatsbeard

Leaving the gym today, a friend pointed out an unusual looking weed growing amidst the clumps of ornamental grasses planted in the parking lot. I’d never seen it before. I thought it was a striking flower, purple with the contrasting yellow pollen sprinkled on the petals. A little research when I got home revealed it to be Purple Salsify, also known as goatsbeard and a few other names, a common wildflower that is cultivated for its ornamental flower, edible root, and herbal properties. I’ve heard of salsify but I’ve never seen it or tasted it. Now it seems I have a supply of it nearby if I want to try it.

Lens at 135mm
ISO 100

2 thoughts on “Day 105—Goatsbeard

  1. Pretty picture. I love the composition! I have never seen purple flowers on goatsbeard. The goatsbeard I have seen in the Park have had yellow flowers…now I will look for purple too! The seed heads are quite impressive…like giant dandelions!

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