Day 104 — A New James Dean?

Today I took head shots for a young aspiring actor, Michael Prinzing, who was very photogenic and, I think, very James Dean like. I wanted to use natural lighting but was afraid that I was pushing it so I used my bounce flash thingie (I can’t remember what it’s called) and it worked perfectly. I used both my 35mm prime lens and my 18-200mm zoom. Both lenses worked well for me. I took about 370 shots; I downloaded them in batches as I took them so we could look to see what was working. I haven’t examined them all closely yet but this was one of my favorites from the first download. It reminds me of James Dean a little and so I changed it to black and white, then added sepia, and a vignette.

35mm Lens
B&W, Sepia, Vingnette