Day 94—The Apples of My Eye

My brand new iPad arrived today, a day early. I had it inscribed “In Focus Daily” so I thought it might be appropriate to feature it for my photo of the day.

I love Apple Computer and started buying their products once the Macintosh was developed. I saw and fell in love with Macintosh Computers after reading a feature article in Newsweek Magazine a few weeks before the infamous 1984 Superbowl ad because of the incredible graphics interface that allowed me to actually draw using the mouse. I test drove my first Mac the first day test drives were offered but I held off buying my first Mac for almost a year because I discovered Apple was going to launch the “Fat Mac” in early 1985; the “Fat Mac” became my first Mac. I have had several over the years, upgrading whenever Apple offered a substantial hardware change. I am proud of the fact that I convinced my office in 1987 to become a “Mac” only office when we had the option to go the PC or Mac route and most stuffy business types thought of the Mac as a toy. I even owned stock in Apple Computer for a while. We sold it for a nice profit but that was back in the 1980’s. I wish I had kept those shares. Apple is a tad more valuable today than it was then!

Apple Computer was named after Apple Records because of Steve Jobs’ love for the Beatles. A man after my own heart, Steve Jobs. Not only did he create my favorite line of computers and electronic devices (I have been a faithful Mac “evangelista” for more than 25 years) he loves my favorite musical group of all time, The Beatles. Over the years, Apple Computer and Apple Records, the record label established by the Beatles in the late 1960’s, have tussled over copyright infringement and contract disputes. I was thrilled when Apple Computer finally added the Beatles discography to the iTunes store last year. The first album that I remember having an Apple label was “The White Album.” My old Beatles albums after that have various iterations of the Apple logo, including one that features a red apple instead of the Granny Smith that they started with and subsequently, I believe, established as the main logo.

My photo today features all four of my favorite Apple devices, my iMac, my MacBook, my iPhone and the newest addition to my collection, my iPad. I thought it would be appropriate to include one of the records from The White Album because of the connection between the two companies and my love for both. Then, I thought, “why not feature that Apple Record logo on all four screens?” My biggest challenge in taking this photo was keeping all four screens on at full brightness while I adjusted camera settings.

So with no further ado, let me present the Apples of my eye!

Lens at 36mm
ISO 1600