Day 99—Ninety-nine

While standing in line at Rite-Aid this afternoon, I found myself staring at a large sign that read in plain white letters on dark blue: Goldfish 99¢. This being Day 99 of the 365 Challenge, I asked, and was granted, permission to take a couple of photos of the sign. I made a few adjustments, took a few photos and then I got back in line. It was then that I looked down at the display next to me and there I saw what really would be my Photo of the Day:

Lens at 55mm
ISO 1250
WB set at florescent
Applied “curves” in Aperture (it was slightly underexposed and a bit dull; since I was standing in a checkout line, I didn’t want to be continuously changing my settings so I decided I would make any necessary adjustments in Aperture after I got home).

Post Script: I really must have my head examined. After all my rantings yesterday about making sure I reset everything (and I actually did), I made another major faux pas today. When I left the house today, I had in mind to take a landscape photo with clouds and perhaps find some wild mustard in the foreground, all planned out in my head. So before I left, I attached my polarizing filter, not thinking that I might be taking some indoor photos. The idea for 99 occurred to me only when I saw the sign in Rite Aid. It was only after posting today’s photo, and trying to figure out why the exposure wasn’t quite what I expected after making white balance and other adjustments, it hit me like a ton of bricks! The polarizing filter! AARRGGHHHHH!