Day 110—Down by the Old Mill Stream

Well, it’s not exactly by the old mill stream but it’s an old millstone; well, not exactly that, either. It’s a new millstone; and it’s not exactly even a millstone; it’s made of resin and it’s from China. It’s a backyard water feature that provides my backyard with the bubbly sounds of water falling onto rocks that I’ve been craving for years. Today, my friend Jesse installed the fountain in my yard. We went to a rock place and bought 173 pounds of what is called Sierra Salt and Pepper rocks, each carefully selected for color and shape, to fill in around the resin millstone’s basin to soften the plasticity and add some authenticity. I think it looks great, and it’s going to provide me with a perpetual supply of water drops to help me learn how to photograph them.

Today’s photo is of some drops falling onto the Sierra Salt and Pepper rocks, which aren’t exactly salt and pepper. We selected beautiful rocks with vibrant greens and pinks and rusts and blues. The water enhances their colors. I took the photo of some of the rocks late this afternoon under cloudy skies and with low light levels. I had to add some Curves to brighten the photo.

Lens at 200mm
ISO 1600
WB set to Cloudy
Curves applied in Aperture