Day 101—Hawk Walk

I spent an unforgettable afternoon with a master falconer flying a Harris’ Hawk. I took 483 photos (well, I took most of them; thankfully, my friend, Cindy, took some of me so that I could document my participation in this event). I didn’t make any exposure adjustments after the initial ones because I was so caught up in the experience, I didn’t think about camera settings. In retrospect, I should have set the shutter speed much higher to freeze the flight of the hawk and the day was bright and sunny and the hawk was dark and there were contrast issues. But, overall, I’m happy with what I captured. Here is just one of Don Diego eating the food reward (a smidgeon of jack rabbit flesh) after landing on my friend Cindy’s outstretched arm.

Lens at 82mm
ISO 200

One thought on “Day 101—Hawk Walk

  1. What a fabulous opportunity you had!!!!! And the photos are awesome- I think my favorites are the owl- great detail in the feathers! Really fantastic shots, Carol!!!

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