2022—A Tiny Visitor

Just a couple of days after I spotted the mostly unopened cluster of chive flowers, I thought to check on the progress and saw that almost all the buds were open. I got my ZMC105 Macro lens again and focused on the cluster and took a few shots. I didn’t use a tripod and didn’t take multiples for a stacked image at a small focal length. I just wanted a single image of the flower cluster at f/8. As I hovered over the flower cluster, moving up and down over it, keeping the center flowers in focus, I noticed a dark line on one of the flowers was moving. As I peered closer I saw there was a visitor, a tiny hairy spider moving out from under one of the flowers. It is really tiny as the flowers are barely a quarter of an inch. This was the furthest it ventured out while I was focused on it. When I bent down again to try to get more of the spider in the frame, it had completely disappeared.

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