2022—Spelling Bee

I have become obsessed with solving the New York Time’s daily Spelling Bee, a fairly recent addition to the New York Times Crossword Puzzle App to which I’ve subscribed for years. I used to start my day with the crossword. Now, even before I get out of bed, I look at the Spelling Bee to see how difficult it will be that day. It’s a simple game. Identify as many words as possible from 7 letters. One specified letter must appear in all words. Words must be at least four letters with no maximum length. Scores depend on the length of the word. Rankings, based on the daily score, are based on a percentage of possible points in a puzzle. Some days I solve it in a few minutes. Other days, it takes repeat visits to the App throughout the course of the day. Although the top ranking is “Genius,” identifying all of the possible words makes one a “Queen Bee.” I didn’t even know about Queen Bee status when I first started playing. On days that I stagnate at the “Amazing” level (“Genius is the next higher level, the level I try for every day) and can’t come up with another word, I admit that I resort to looking at the daily hints. After all, I am obsessed with getting to the “Genius” level. Of course the “Queen Bee” is the ultimate goal and I have done it a few times but for the most part, I’m satisfied with “Genius.” Not that it means anything to anybody but I can’t allow myself to be defeated by seven letters. The daily hints message always has a different photograph of a honeybee so when I took this photograph with my Nikon ZMC105mm macro lens, I thought of the Spelling Bee. And now, oh dear, the NYT Crossword App has added Wordle! One more word game to obsess about!