2022—Waiting to Join the Frenzy

Australian King-Parrots in Lamington National Park in Queensland, Australia seem to have adjusted well to the presence of humans in their range in Coastal Eastern Australia. Here at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat in the midst of Lamington National Park, they know that humans sometimes are a source of treats and they will gather excitedly in nearby trees and watch for anyone they think might have one to give them. Large groups of Crimson Rosellas and King-Parrots gather excitedly to watch and wait. It is quite the show as the gregarious birds fly from one person to another, then perch atop cameras, lenses, and flashes. They will land on shoulders, arms and heads by ones, twos, and even threes. One landed on top of my flash while I was handholding the rig, throwing the rig out of balance and making it a bit unwieldy. Another bird was comfortable enough to eat something while perched atop my camera gear, then to wipe its beak off on my flash. I guess I’m lucky that I avoided getting whitewashed by the swarm of birds surrounding us in the roadway at O’Reilly’s. This male, perched on a branch overlooking the walkway, looks as if he is searching for an opening so he could join in the frenzy. I can attest to the fact that the claws on their feet are quite sharp and it took a while for the sensation of a Parrot dancing on my head to subside.