2022—A Promising Start

Our first day in Chugach State Park near Anchorage, Alaska was a promising start to the week. We entered the park via the Glen Alps Trailhead and when we reached the Power Line Road, we could see Denali, the Great One, usually shrouded in mist and mystery. Promising, indeed. We spent the next few hours waiting and watching the vast landscape for any signs of Moose (Alces Alces). Hikers and cyclers passing by kept us informed on what was ahead or behind us. There were three Black Bears, a sow and two cubs of the year, who apparently spooked a young bull moose. We spotted it in the far distance high tailing it away. We eventually spotted the Black Bears climbing the mountain at a pace that indicated they were on a mission. Near them on the mountain were three Dall Sheep, a ram, a doe, and a juvenile on the side of the valley where they are not usually spotted. The clouds started to gather midday and I took my only photographs of the day of the interesting cloud formations. Late in the afternoon we began the three mile hike back to the trailhead as raindrops began to fall. A hiker pointed out a Grizzly Bear across the valley and best of all, we spotted three bull Moose and several cows. We continued slowly up the road, keeping an eye out for more Moose in the valley. As we turned onto the trail back to the parking lot, we encountered a young bull Moose standing at the Y in the trail. He was not concerned with our presence and we got some iPhone shots of him. The day ended with a bang after a promising start.