2022—A Doorway Blind

The minimum focusing distance of the NikkorZ800mmPF is slightly more than 16 feet. Because of that, I can’t really be out on the patio with it because I would be too close to acquire focus on any of the birds when they land on the perches I’ve placed or on the flowers in pots or hanging baskets. So, for now, my patio doorway serves as a perfect blind for me. I can leave the camera and lens set up on the tripod in the doorway, and from there I can easily pan around the garden without disturbing the birds. The fountains are about thirty feet away from the door and to get a little closer I attach my 1.4X teleconverter. And, if I add on DX mode, I can be even closer, like in this shot of a female Lesser Goldfinch waiting her turn to jump down to the fountain below.

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