2022—Otterly Perplexed

The rafts of Northern Sea Otters that we passed everyday floating in Mush Bay at the mouth of the Uganik River were always fascinating to see. Late one afternoon as we waited for the second skiff to get unstuck from a sandbar, we watched a small raft floating nearby. They looked like wizened little old men and perhaps these were older otters, with their grizzled appearance and constantly perplexed gaze. I didn’t notice any pups in the small group. It’s always fun to see and watch Northern Sea Otters. These were a bit more skittish than the otters we photographed in Homer a couple of years ago, perhaps because they have far fewer encounters with people in the remoteness of the Kodiak archipelago. Although the boat was continually moving up and down in the waves, the gimbal in the Nikon Z9 was up to the challenge. It never lost focus and never lost the subject’s eye.