2022—So Cute

The three young Kodiak Brown Bear cubs were slightly different from each other but in the excitement of the moment, I didn’t take the time to memorize who was who. It was only after I had an opportunity to review the images more closely after I returned home that I could see the slight differences not only in the patterns and colors of their coats, but in the expressions on their faces. What they had in common was wide-eyed innocence. That was what struck me most. And complete and utter confidence that Mama Bear would protect them. Watching the cubs as they followed Mama Bear about and as they strayed away from her side was simply wonderful. Seeing how they watched their surroundings, then noticing that they ignored what was around them as they munched the nutritious grasses, was fascinating. They often wandered away and munched alone, like this wide-eyed cub did briefly. This was an experience I will not soon. forget.