2022—The Almost Perfect Moment

Photographing the Kodiak Brown Bear cubs with Mama Bear was so much fun and yet frustrating at the same time. I would watch through the viewfinder, poised and ready to fire at just the right moment, with all three little heads poking out of the grass behind Mama Bear and all three cubs plus Mama Bear looking straight at the camera. That moment never happened. Not that I’m complaining. For me, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, watching the interaction of the cubs with each other and with their mother. If I didn’t get a single photograph it was still an exceptional experience, one that I will not soon forget. But I did get lots of photographs of the mama bear and her three cubs. I mean LOTS of photographs. I already tend to be trigger happy with my camera when I’m in situations like we had on Kodiak Island because I get so excited. The Nikon Z9 lets me record a few more memories in a shorter time than I ever could get with any other camera I’ve had. And I didn’t always wait for the moment, I tried to anticipate the moment. Here is a shot that shows almost the moment I was waiting for, with four pairs of eyes, Mama Bear and three cubs, well, three and a half pairs of eyes, all looking in the direction of the camera. I never did manage to get the four bears looking directly at the camera at the same time. This was about as close as I got with two of the cubs looking at the camera and one cub and Mama Bear looking in another direction. A fraction of a second after this shot, Mama Bear rose and the scene completely changed.