2022—800mm Baby!

My Nikkor Z800mmPF lens has arrived! I’m thrilled to have a super-telephoto lens back in my camera bag. It weighs only a couple pounds more than my 500mmPF and so it is easy to hand hold. And, while I did take a few practice shots hand holding the lens, I set it up on my tripod with my Zenelli Gimbal head so I could familiarize myself with it. The minimum focusing distance of this lens is 16 feet so when I set it up inside the patio door facing out, I’m ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. As luck would have it, there is a large pot of Hummingbird Mint just about 16 feet outside my patio door. The hummers love it and spend lots of time drinking from its many blossoms. An Anna’s Hummingbird, one of my favorite subjects, was destined to be the first subject taken with this wonderful new lens. With the rig set up the way it is, if I’m sitting at my kitchen table or working at the kitchen counter, I can easily see any hummer activity and quickly get to my already-set-up rig without disturbing any of the birds outside. There are two drawbacks to this set up, though. The first drawback is the weather. Sacramento summers are blistering hot but thankfully the mornings are usually bearable so I can leave the door open for a while then. The second is flies. One or two always find their way inside when I do this so when I stop shooting, I usually spend another half hour trying to outwit a housefly. It’s worth it, though. I know I’m going to love shooting with this lens.

2 thoughts on “2022—800mm Baby!

  1. You can get some extension tubes to make the closest focus point closer then photo the flies.. Make it an interspecies day… Congrats on the new lens. Some awesome images coming I presume…

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