2022—When It Rains on Kodiak Island

When it rains on Kodiak Island, the bears still eat and the photographers still photograph the bears eating. We were out in the rain for about an hour or so. It didn’t seem to bother the bears and it certainly didn’t bother us. We had white towels at the ready, stashed under our rain jackets, so we could dab the biggest drops off the cameras and off the front elements of our lenses. While it appears that this bear is in deep grass, a knoll between me and the bear makes it seem that way. However, the native grass, high in protein so the bears feed voraciously on it in the spring, had already grown several inches in the week we were there. It would likely be too deep in a week or two to safely watch the bears. They can disappear in the high grass so the timing of our visit was perfect. The rains would certainly contribute to a growth spurt.

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