2022—Meet The Cubs

The cubs! Oh my, the cubs! They were so adorable, each one exhibiting a different personality. We’d heard about the mama bear with three cubs and hoped to see them the first week we were on Kodiak Island but she eluded us until the second week. We took the boats up the Uganik River past the tidal flats on the third morning of our second week and there they were, peeking out at us through the tall grasses on the opposite shore. We set up across the river and watched and waited for them to emerge into the open. Finally, Mama Bear waded into the swiftly flowing river and began to swim in our direction. The one year old cubs followed. The current was so swift that the cubs swept past us and whooshed down the river. We heard Mama grunting and calling because she was concerned about one cub that was separated from the others. She swam by us and managed to keep her cubs from floating away. I didn’t know until later that our guides were very concerned that when the current swept the three cubs past us, separating them from Mama and putting us between them and Mama Bear, there was the possibility that Mama Bear could have charged at us. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. They ended up across from us again on the shore and the cubs followed Mama Bear up the craggy hillside where they rested a while and nursed.

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