2022—Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

It’s pretty spectacular, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This view is from Artist’s Point where Thomas Moran painted a similar view that was instrumental in creating the National Park System and designating Yellowstone as our first national park 150 years ago this year. I first photographed this site during the 94th anniversary year of the park back in 1966. I think it’s even more spectacular now and my photographic skills have improved so this image is a significant improvement over the results from my Kodak Instamatic camera back than. I have no recollection about where exactly I took my Instamatic photograph but it was somewhere around Artist’s Point. There are two viewpoints at Artists Point, and in the winter when I have visited and photographed in the past ten years, the upper viewpoint has been closed for safety reasons. But the park service opened the upper viewpoint after the heavy winter snowpack melted and viewing from there gives a slightly different perspective and show much more of the Yellowstone River beneath the Lower Falls.