2022—Meet Barnacle Bear

Meet Barnacle Bear. Bears are omnivores. Much of the time we photographed the Kodiak Browns munching contentedly on the grasses that cover the tidal flats but some of the bears found other things more delectable. Like Barnacle Bear who didn’t seem too interested in the grasses but seemed to really enjoy eating barnacles, hence his nickname. The problem with barnacles is that they are small, about a half inch or so, and they adhere to rocks. The barnacle shells and rocks were no match for the powerful jaws of the Kodiak Browns, however. We watched him sort through the gravel and rocks on the flats and along the river’s edge, crunching on the barnacles and spitting out rocks and barnacle shells. The bears that opt for the barnacles probably wear down their teeth but they seem to enjoy picking through the rocks and savoring the tiny barnacles.

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