2022—Spring Morning in Yellowstone

The forecast Sunday was a few snow flurries. The day started out 29 degrees and cloudy. But soon, we found ourselves in a blizzard at 4:30 AM driving to Mammoth Hot Springs from Old Faithful en route to the Lamar Valley in search of wolves. It was near white-out conditions and by the time we reached Mammoth Hot Springs about 5:30AM, there were almost 8 inches of snow on the ground there. The day before there was no snow there. Moose decided we’d better go back where we came from before they closed the roads. He put gas in the Suburban and we returned the way we came. There were no snow plows and the only tracks in the road at that hour of the morning were our own. The blizzard had calmed a bit and the snow flakes were huge and the snow pack was light and powdery. When we reached a lower elevation about an hour later, the roads were mostly clear of snow but there was a heavy dusting everywhere and the trees had that gorgeous wintery frosting look despite the fact that we’re almost two months into spring. We stopped along Grand Loop Road past the Norris Geyser Basin about 7:00 AM to photograph what had suddenly become a winter landscape. Looks are deceiving and despite the winter look, there are American Robins, Common Redpolls, and even a Wilson’s Snipe around the edge of the water in this image. An hour later we were enjoying breakfast in West Yellowstone but there was quite a snow storm there. When we reentered the park shortly after 9 AM, we discovered the road between Norris and Mammoth Hot Springs was closed due to an accident. We had made it out safely and just in time. Just another spring morning in Yellowstone.