2022—Welcome to Magee Marsh

We came to Magee Marsh Wildlife Area in Oak Hollow, Ohio to see and photograph some of the 150 species of songbirds, including 36 species of warblers, that rest and refuel there before continuing their northern migration. Magee Marsh is a 2200 acre area of marshlands along Lake Erie and it is a critical feeding and resting habitat for migrating birds. We were not prepared for what greeted us this year. On August 10, 2021, severe winds flattened great portions of the forest and severely damaged large sections of the boardwalk that meanders through the area. The boardwalk has been repaired and portions of it have been replaced but nothing can be done to replace the great swaths of downed trees in the once lush forested beach ridge. Nature must take its course. There are still some trees and they are starting to leaf out so we were delighted to be greeted at the entrance to the boardwalk by a foraging White-throated Sparrow. The day was punctuated by drenching downpours that forced us back to the Suburban a couple of times but there are still birds migrating through the area and finding sustenance and resting places, so there are lots more birds to photograph. We are looking forward to see what the rest of the week brings us.

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