2022—Little Details I Didn’t Notice

Macro lenses are made to photograph small things or details of things. The resulting photographs often reveal information about the subject that is normally difficult to see with the naked eye. Case in point is this cluster of buds on a small echeveria plant (aka hens and chickens). I didn’t notice the cluster of buds until I was taking macro photographs of a ladybug that was on an echeveria leaf near it. Each of the buds on this cluster is less than half an inch with the smallest barely a quarter inch. But they were quite visible with the naked eye, just obscured slightly by other leaves. It was all the tiny webs I didn’t notice until I did some focus stacking. The tiny webs created by tiny arachnids were barely visible, just slight wisps. In the final stacked image they jump off the page, almost like bolts of lightning. I was astounded that there were so many stringy webs covering the fleshy leaves and dangling from them. It makes me think I need to start dusting my flowers.