2022—Different Day, Different Lens, Different Angle

The little hens and chickens blossoms keep beckoning me. I took this image using a different lens, shooting at a different angle and on a different day and time than what I posted a few days ago. It is the same plant and the same cobwebs, though. And it is still a stacked image using 50 images. I used the Nikkor ZMC50mm macro lens instead of the NikkorZMC105mm lens. The background is the reflection in the bay window of the shrubs along the wall in the back of my garden. The breeze had come up so even using my Platypod to keep the camera still, the mercurial breeze shook the buds ever so slightly. As a result, the blending of the images was not as good as if there were no breeze. But, there is a saving grace. In Photoshop, I aligned the images which wouldn’t have been necessary if I’d brought the plant inside out of the breeze. But,then I wouldn’t have had the background.