2022—Back to the Hummers

My garden is thriving despite my neglect. Potted perennials are putting on new growth and beginning to flower offering fresh nectar to the Anna’s Hummingbirds. This Cigar/Firecracker plant, (botanical name Cuphea) has bloomed, albeit sparsely, almost continually throughout the fall and winter and the hummers seem to love it. There are two rival female Anna’s Hummingbirds in the garden right now. No males in sight lately. I’ve never found a hummingbird nest in my yard but there are plenty of hiding places for them and one of the females seems to emerge from the same general area in shelter of the Photineas so I’m hoping there’s a nest in there. The Cigar plant has grown leggy and the leaves and flowers grow only on the ends of long bare stems that create a distracting background. My plan this week is to visit the nursery and replenish and replace what needs to be replenished and replaced so the hummers will have fresh nectar as well as the feeders and I’ll have more opportunities for better photographs with fewer distracting backgrounds.