2022—Bath Contortions

Watching birds bathe fascinates me. Each species seems to do it a little differently. The tiny Anna’s Hummingbirds rival the enthusiasm of the rambunctious Bushtits when it comes to bathing. The big difference is that the Anna’s usually bathe alone. The flat surface of my millstone fountain creates the perfect bath for tiny birds like bushtits and hummingbirds. When I saw this female Anna’s rolling in the thin pool of water, I grabbed my Z9 and walked out and sat down a few feet away from the fountain. She didn’t interrupt her bath even to chatter at me that I was invading her space. I had the Nikkor Z100-400 and the Z2X teleconverter already attached to the camera and DX crop engaged so I was able to focus very close to her. With the contortions she went through, splaying flat onto the millstone, twisting, fluttering, splashing, she was able to bathe her entire body. Except, her beak. Despite pushing it into the water, her beak remained covered with pollen from feeding at the Cigar Plant and the Salvia before her bath.

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