2021—Grotesque Zombie Hand

Happy Halloween. Look out for the grotesque Zombie hand clawing its way out of the grave through the mist. It’s a Halloween nightmare. This past week was a bit of a nightmare for me. As the Bomb Cyclone, also called the Atmospheric River, descended on Sacramento bringing record rainfall in a 24 hour period, the multi-trunked Live Oak in my front yard split in half and crashed into the street, blocking it completely. I heard about it in a text from my next door neighbor while I was far away in Alaska. Thanks to my friends Jesse and Lyle, the tree was quickly cleared from the roadway and most of the branches hauled away. When I returned home yesterday, I was shocked to see the devastating results of the storm. Four major trunks of the tree, the entire front half, broke off at root level. Several feet of branches remain protruding from the ground in a grotesque gesture. This is a photograph of those trunks, rendered on the Nikon Z6II using the Graphite picture control with a bit of mist added. When I took the photograph, I knew immediately that the grotesque hand would make the perfect Halloween blog post.