2021—Silver Threads Among the Gold (and Red)

As its name suggests, the Silver Cascade is a waterfall that cascades down a granite slope. It is like a silver thread visible in the midst of the tapestry of glorious autumn shades of gold and red and orange and yellow and green in the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. For all its striking beauty, you could miss it if you’re driving too fast. Unlike so many gorgeous places, this one is not a hidden gem. It is literally on the edge of Crawford Notch Road (US Route 302). If you’re not paying attention, you might not notice the cars parked on either side, or you might run down one of the visitors slowly ambling across the highway, or you might smash into the gawker in front of you slowing their vehicle to a crawl for a drive-by iPhone shot of the cascade. It is smart to pay attention when you’re in this neck of the woods, especially during the peak of fall color. It’s a sight you don’t want to miss.