2021—The Dance

Over the years, I have learned to love photographing Bighorn Sheep. I’ve photographed both Rocky Mountain and Desert Bighorn Sheep in several different states. One of the things I’ve learned from Moose on these many trips is how to do “the dance” which is choreographed in such a way that it creates trust and establishes a good relationship with the sheep. The dance is a success when the sheep accept your presence and ignore you so that you can photograph them without disturbing them. To do “the dance” you must first respect their space. Your steps in the dance include approaching slowly but not too close, keeping your feet low to the ground, keeping your eye on them the entire time so that you’re instantly aware if your actions are bothering them, keeping your voice at a whisper. In the 18th Century, dances like the Minuet began with elegant formal bows and curtsies. This Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram looks as if he’s bowing to start the dance.