2021—Just Blown Away

Mount Washington in New Hampshire is the windiest place on earth. And I was just blown away by the view from the 6,288 foot summit. It was like looking down on the clouds from an airplane. We watched them start to roll over the nearby ridges as the wind picked up in the afternoon. Luckily, the winds the afternoon we visited were gentle, and nothing like the world record 231 MPH recorded in 1934 by the weather station there. That wind speed still holds the record for winds observed by man. This amazing place is accessible two ways: by the steep, winding auto road from the east side which is how we got there, or by the Mount Washington Cog Railway. It is the world’s first mountain-climbing cog railway built in 1868 and it is still operating today, pulling passengers up the mountain to the summit. There’s no fall color atop the summit but two colorful Cogs are visible as they approached the mountain top. We watched four arrive in quick succession to deposit passengers and to back down the mountain on the single track to return with those ready to go home.